Tag Printing

Tag label stock is a unique material with many uses. One of the most popular uses is a shelf talker, which displays printed information on the front so the customer can see such as price, production date, and ingredients. On the back of the shelf talker label it includes the price per pound for the person working behind the counter. Another use for the shelf talker is to use ribbon and tie them to a product which allows for a unique product presentation. Tag stock is a versatile material that has the ability to be used in multiple applications with effective results.  

For inventory tagging, shelf talkers with or without adhesive backing

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Do you need “thick” label material?

Inventory Tags?

Shelf talkers?

Met Speed Label can produce 8 or 10 point tags. These tags can be further imprinted though label printers or made as individual tags. Gloss finishes or flat stocks are available.

The tags can have adhesive backing applied too.