Met Speed Label has in inventory, thousands of label die shapes and sizes. These are the tools we use to produce custom labels and tags. The lists below will allow you to view these shapes and sizes. Most all the squares and rectangles have rounded corners to give that “finished” look. For Custom Label Designs, contact us or request a quote by clicking the button below.

Circle Dies
Oval Dies
Square and Rectangle Dies
Special Shape Dies
Circles are primarily used for labeling round containers. The Label can be applied to the lid or affixed to the side of the container. It depends how the package is displayed on the shelf.
When space is a constraint or a circle will not due, we use oval shapes. An oval can be placed on square packages, round packages and well as irregular ones. Sometimes we place an oval on an angle to the package to make the “look” more interesting.

Square labels look great on square or rectangular packages. We use square labels to maximize the available space for verbiage as well as barcodes. Shipping labels are an example of rectangular label usage.


Our special shape dies are designed to fit unique package shapes. Other shapes are used to seal packages for “tamper evident” purposes. Different label sizes can be placed on the same roll of labels to allow for labels to be affixed to different sides of the same package. We also design custom shapes per request.

Additional Label Printing Options: