Enjou Chocolat Customer Story

For the past 34 years, Enjou Chocolat of Morristown, New Jersey has been producing some of the finest chocolates that New Jersey has to offer. With a wide variety of chocolates and sweets, there is something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. In addition to 50,000 molds available, Wendy and Lauren can make custom chocolates that make great gifts for a variety of customers.

After meeting Wendy and Loren for the first time, it was brought to our attention that they were printing product and ingredient labels on a home printer with sheeted labels. This resulted in an inefficient production, excessive cost of consumables, and a difficult to operate software with no professional support. When we visited their location, we looked at their packaging and measured out three labels that would work well for their variety of package sizes.

Many of their products are packaged in small boxes and bags, which requires small font to include necessary ingredient information. With a 300Dpi printer that we provided them with, we could print down to a size 6 font on the label, with exact spacing to provide all of the requirements on the perfect sized labels. With the new software, it gave them many more settings to choose from in paragraph form, and fonts to make designing labels much easier and less time consuming. On installation, we spent time with Wendy and Lauren teaching them how to build labels, make revisions and operate their printer. After the install we created multiple nutrional fact templates to fit their labels exactly. Since the installation, we have been able to provide screen access support and have been available to answer any questions.

“Met Speed Label was a tremendous help to Enjou Chocolat. We thought about purchasing this labeling system for over a year and should have done it sooner. Alex, our salesman, knew exactly what we wanted and was very helpful with our questions and creating templates for our labeling needs. The changeover was smooth and easy. If we need anything Alex is just a text away and answers our questions very quickly. He was able to access our system remotely if we needed help with template creation. I am not great with the computer but the software is very user friendly and has been very simple for even a novice to master. I highly recommend Met Speed label.”