Color labeling has been growing, and new technology is allowing customers who are looking for a high-quality label to print in short runs at their manufacturing facilities. By utilizing 4 color (CMYK) printing, it allows the customer to print images, barcodes, and product information in full color in one pass. The coated label stock allows for nearly instantaneously drying as the labels print. The printing industry has responded quickly to the demands of the manufacturers, creating multiple models of color printers with different capabilities to meet the need.

The two types of inkjet printing systems are single pass printing, and scan printing. Single pass printing allows the printer produce in greater volume due to the fixed print head. The material will move under the print head at speeds up to 12” per second. This allows color printers to be used in production facilities with high-volume needs. Color printers that utilize the scan printing will print at a slower speed, but can be found at a lower price point. Both technologies print with outstanding resolution, and allow users to create unique labels for their products.

There are many uses for color printers in the label industry, such as customizable gifts, short run product testing, and short run unique products. By using a color label printer, the user is able to print customers logos with their requested information on a short run of labels. Using a color printer will allow you to make your products more unique, and stand out from the competition!