Choosing Your Label Type and Design Is Crucial in Today’s Market

With today’s evolving consumer market, the label that represents your product has never been more important. When a consumer is purchasing a product, what separates yours from the hundreds of other on the shelf? The label that you choose is a representation of the quality of your product, it is often what the customer makes their decision on.

Met Speed Label has the ability to provide digitally printed, and flexographic labels to the customer. This allows us to select the best method of printing to ensure the print quality, and longevity of the label. The popularity of digitally printed labels has grown over the past few years with improvements to the press technology. The ability for short run labels for trial products without plates has made digitally printed labels very popular. However, there are some circumstances where digitally printed labels do not have the same durability as flexographic labels.

Flexible and Lasting Labels

While the cost of digitally printed labels has been reduced, there are applications where flexographic labels will outlast, provide more flexibility, and be more cost effective. When products have to be refrigerated, heated, or printed in high volume, flexographic printing is the more effective method. Flexographic printing allows you to print on substrates such as synthetics, foils, card stock, high and low gloss without worry of the print running or label bubbling off the product.

Precise Color Matching for your Labels

Another benefit to flexographic printing is the ability to exact color match pantone colors. We have the ability to match the exact ink color from your artwork on our press to ensure consistent results. The market is full of products that consumers can choose from, the quality of your label will separate your product from the rest. With a knowledgeable staff, and years of experience, put your trust in labels with Met Speed label!