Having problems with your printed labels not sticking to your packaging?


There is nothing more frustrating than designing a high-quality printed label, only to have the label fall off of the product. It is very important to select the proper adhesive when buying labels. The adhesive must bond to the surface of the package so it is imperative that the adhesive be specified properly. Contrary to belief, the strongest adhesive may not be the best for every package.

Permanent or removable adhesives for printed labels

There are multiple types of label adhesives that allow a label to bond well to a surface. There are permanent adhesives that allow the printed label to be used in freezers, outdoor conditions, and high temperatures. Also available are removable adhesives, that allow the user to re-position labels multiple times without damaging the label. This allows the user hours to re-position the label.

Storing your printed label

When storing your labels, it is important that you do not store the labels in a hot or damp environment. The printed labels have a predetermined shelf life that can be affected if the labels are not stored properly. The best way to determine which adhesive is right for you is to have Met Speed Label evaluate the package material, temperature and other conditions.